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Jim Herring

Head of Heavy Industry

Jim Herring

Jim Herring has joined Fortescue WAE as Head of our Heavy Industry Division, having worked at Fortescue for 13 years and 23 years working in the heavy industry sector.

Jim’s most recent role prior to joining Fortescue WAE was with Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) as Director of Green Industry. This role was heavily focused on initiating and growing zero emission and renewable energy technology businesses for Fortescue.

Jim has over twenty-three years’ experience in Heavy industry, the majority of which was in the mining sector. Jim is an engineer and has held a series of senior leadership roles in both operational and technical areas including General Manger of Operations, General Manager of Asset Management, General Manager of Green Fleet and Director of Green Industries and now most recently Head of the Heavy Industry Division of Fortescue WAE.

Inspired by the genuine opportunity to do something positive for the planet and the future of his children, Jim views joining Fortescue WAE as a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a lead role in the new “Zero Emission” industrial revolution.

Jim’s goal is to make Fortescue WAE’s Heavy Industry division the market leader in helping to decarbonise “the hard to abate” heavy industry sectors.

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