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Where Engineering and Innovation meet

Where Engineering and Innovation meet

Well known for our experience in world class engineering and lightweight electrification, Fortescue ZERO have employed that “know how” to develop a series of products based around vehicle integration, powertrain and battery control systems, all developed in the highly competitive and demanding motorsport arena.

These high-power platforms are relevant to any application where performance demands are high including automotive, motorsport, commercial, off-grid vehicles, aerospace, mining, defence and energy.

Battery Management Hardware

With over 10 years of experience in battery system design, WAE have developed a portfolio of powerful and robust battery management hardware solutions.

Elysia® Battery Intelligence

Elysia® Battery Intelligence brings WAE’s world-class battery software developed across over a decade of high-performance battery experience, to the mass market.

Battery Modules

We’ve honed our knowledge of battery development since the company was formed in 2010. We’re now sole battery suppliers for a number of major electric race series and are in demand for our expertise in the sector.

Vehicle Controllers

Our range of electronic control systems centres around a high-performance core digital architecture. This enables a mix of standard, proprietary and custom software which can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

Power Conversion

Our range of DCDC converters have been developed and tested to extremes in the demanding environments of motorsport and mining trucking. This technology can also support a wide range of decarbonisation applications.