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About Us

At Fortescue ZERO, we are driven by our commitment to play a vital role in the global race to decarbonise the planet. As a pioneering force in the clean energy industry, we are dedicated to delivering high-performance, cost-efficient, and zero-emissions power systems that power progress and sustainability.

Our foundation is built on our motorsport DNA, which has instilled in us a relentless pursuit of innovation, efficiency; pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Through motorsport, we have honed our expertise in cutting-edge technologies, and are proud to apply this knowledge in the real world, developing complex mobility solutions that make a tangible impact.

Fortescue’s acquisition of Williams Advanced Engineering in 2022 signified a strategic move towards decarbonisation and zero-emission technologies for heavy industry. Learning from fast-paced and high-performing environment of motorsport technology, Fortescue ZERO have a wealth of expertise in designing and optimising cutting-edge solutions under stringent performance requirements and tight timelines.

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Look out for your mates and yourself.


Support each other, always be kind.


Go to your leader for advice, not permission.


Think of ways we can do things better, faster, cheaper, safer.

Stretch Targets

Always be uncomfortable with your level of challenge.


Do what you say you’re going to do.


Be the most positive person in the room.

Courage & Determination

NEGU. We never ever give up.

Generating Ideas

Always be on the lookout for breakthroughs.


Be vulnerable, take risks to trust others.


Our people are what make our business unique. We employ the best engineers and the smartest brains to develop new, creative and innovative technologies to change the world; always seeking new and better ways of doing things, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We all pull together, working as one team, empowered to be the best we can.