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Battery Management Hardware

Powerful and Robust Battery Management Hardware Solutions.

With over 10 years of experience in battery system design, we have developed a portfolio of powerful and robust battery management hardware solutions.

Our suite of battery management hardware has been proven in some of the most demanding of environments, and is designed with certification in mind for automotive and other safety-critical applications.

Our hardware platforms seamlessly integrate with our battery performance algorithms, unlocking increased power, energy and life from any given battery system.


Our Battery Management Unit (BMU) R is the ‘brain’ behind numerous motorsport and high-performance automotive batteries. This proven, powerful system is certifiable to ASIL C and provides flexibility through its immense computational capability.


Our Battery Management Unit (BMU) X is a cost-effective yet powerful hardware platform. The system is certifiable to ASIL C and is suitable for a range of applications.

Cell Monitoring Unit

Our Cell Monitoring Unit (CMU) accurately monitors the voltage and temperature of the battery’s cells and can undertakes a balancing function to ensure safe operation.