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Power Conversion

DCDC Converters for applications needing up to 2.6kV and 3.3MW

Our DCDC converters have been designed using the latest SiC technology and tested in extreme environments to support large-scale decarbonisation across a variety of industries. Our DCDCs have market-leading power density and are reliable, robust, efficient and flexible in order to deliver excellent performance no matter what the high-powered application.


A unidirectional, non-isolated, buck DCDC converter with a maximum input voltage of 2.6kV and a maximum output voltage of 2.5kV. Capable of transferring up to 700kW of power. IP68 rated.


A fully bi-directional, non-isolated, buck-boost DCDC converter, capable of transferring up to 3.3MW of power. Compatible with systems operating up to 2.6kV. IP68 rated.