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Elysia® Battery Intelligence

Unlock Battery Life, Safety and Performance with Elysia.

Elysia® Battery Intelligence brings Fortescue ZERO’s world-class battery software developed across over a decade of high-performance battery experience, to the mass market.

Combining a quantum leap in battery software embedded in the vehicle, which features best-in-class BMS algorithms, with a powerful cloud platform, delivering standard-setting analytics, Elysia not only gives automotive OEMs, fleet operators and battery asset financiers unprecedented access to battery data but the ability to manage, optimise and enhance battery performance during the vehicle’s life.

Together, Elysia’s unique software and cloud offering has the potential to unlock longer battery life, faster charging speeds along with increasing battery power and range, while at the same time leveraging never-before-seen through-life monitoring to empower both OEMs and EV fleet operators. Elysia unlocks life, safety, and performance for any battery system on the planet.

Potential, Unlocked. Advantage, Delivered.


Proven on the racetrack, designed for the real world: Elysia Embedded encompasses a suite of powerful BMS algorithms that are hardware agnostic and compatible with low-cost compute platforms. The algorithms can be integrated into existing software stacks, unlocking performance, safety and lifetime from any battery system.

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Cloud Platform

Combining world-class data science, battery domain knowledge and systems understanding, the Elysia Cloud Platform turns standard telematics data into powerful insights. Built on over a decade’s worth of real-world battery experience, combined with best-in-class cloud computing, Elysia unlocks value from batteries, making them work for both businesses and the planet.

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