Mar 13, 2020

  • Using its extensive experience in motorsport, WAE has designed and built a bespoke battery pack for the ETCR programme 
  • This innovative, high-performance battery has been developed using the company’s in-house cell and battery testing and manufacturing facilities 
  • From initial feasibility work to in vehicle testing took only seven months

Using its extensive experience of being sole supplier to a number of motorsport and automotive electrification programmes, WAE has designed and built a bespoke battery pack for ETCR. After WAE was appointed by the WSC Group in May 2019 as the battery pack sole supplier for ETCR, the project was completed in only seven months, from initial feasibility work through to provision of packs for in-vehicle testing.

The project began in May and two months later, cell and prototype module tests were already under way. Extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations were run in September 2019, allowing for manufacture in December culminating in physical testing to validate a full race season.

The 798V battery pack provides a peak power of 500kW and 300kW continuous power with a 62kWh capacity and can be re-charged in less than an hour from 10% to 90% at 60 kWh. The pack will also allow four “push-to-pass” events over the 21-minute race distance.

Through extensive FEA analysis the composite-made enclosure has been designed to provide an electrical barrier against electro-magnetic current and to survive a 50g crash simulation. CFD thermal analysis was performed at both cell and pack level to model in detail the thermal characteristics of the battery pack in order to optimise cooling and weight efficiency.

Every battery manufactured goes through end of line trials to verify production build quality.

ETCR will be the first ever multi-brand Touring Car series with production cars powered by a common 100% electric powertrain. It plans to establish itself first across Europe, Asia and North America. The thrill of the races will benefit from both street circuits and permanent tracks, using connectivity and new technologies to deliver a new, engaging format with race data available to spectators at the event and online.

The first event is scheduled in July 2020 at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

“We are delighted to be involved in this exciting programme and to have delivered a fully operational battery in such a short time frame” said Iain Wight, Business Development Director at WAE. “We look forward to supporting the Series first event in the UK later this year”.

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