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Richard Wilkins

Senior Programme Manager

Richard Wilkins

Working as Senior Programme Manager Richard is responsible for the Infinity train and static storage programmes; both of which are designed to remove diesel from heavy haul rail and mining operations by 2030.

The infinity train is a novel idea; a self-sustaining concept that uses the weight of the iron ore that’s being transported from an elevated mine position in Pilbara, Australia, downhill to the port. Regenerative braking on the train enables battery charging en route to port – originally as a source of potential energy and then re-used as kinetic energy for the unladen return journey uphill – removing the need for external battery charging.

Some key facts – the train length is 2.8km, consisting of 244 iron ore cars, carrying 40,000 tonnes of iron ore from mine to port. Round trip takes up to 32 hours.

Richard gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manchester and subsequently worked in a variety of roles within the automotive sector and latterly for Jaguar Land Rover where he covered senior management roles in advanced manufacturing engineering including the launch of the Range Rover Velar.
Before joining WAE in March 2022, Richard worked for the UK Atomic Energy Authority as a Senior Programme Manager leading nuclear fusion research and green energy development programmes.

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