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The project brief

The brief

WAE and Triumph Motorcycles worked together, along with other partners, backed by UK government, on future electric motorcycle development. Project TE-1 represents a ground-breaking collaboration between Triumph Motorcycles and the UK’s electrification experts WAE who are bringing its expertise in battery pack and vehicle control module (VCM) design to the bike.

The work

  • Streamlining the JCB Fastrac bodywork by the development of a Front Splitter, Belly Plate, and Rear Diffuser
  • Aerodynamic Development involving over 65 CFD Runs
  • Cooling System Analysis

High Performance

  • Bench testing the battery has achieved 170kW peak power, delivering 130kW peak and 90kW continuous power to the motor.
  • 15kWh capacity, exceeding any current technology in power and energy density.


  • Delivered using WAE’s industry-leading lightweight battery design and integration capability.
  • A new and bespoke vehicle control unit has been integrated into the battery pack to minimise weight and packaging.

Rapid Charge

  • The 360V system uses WAE’s cutting-edge battery management system and vehicle control unit technology.

 Long Range

  • Market leading cooling systems, alongside the optimum balance of power and energy, means TE-1 gives the rider more electric power for longer and delivers outstanding performance regardless of battery charge.

The outcome

High performance – 1790KW

Lightweight – 220KG

Rapid Charge – 0-80% CHARGE 20 MINUTES

Long Range – 193KM

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